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<strong><span>Tax Preparation</span></strong>

Tax Preparation

Proper tax preparation by knowledgeable experts is a key component of making your finances work best for you. Save time while maximizing your tax advantages by having our expert tax advisors prepare and file your taxes for you.

<strong><span>Tax Planning</span></strong>

Tax Planning

68% of retirees underrated the impact of taxes on their retirement income (they account for over 30%, FYI). Keep more of your hard-earned money, both now and in the future, with a personalized tax plan specific to your situation.

<strong><span>Tax Mitigation</span></strong>

Tax Mitigation

If you haven't filed your taxes in over a year or are concerned you owe back taxes, penalties, and/or interest, our tax advisors can help you mitigate your situation.

Complimentary preliminary review available.

Comprehensive Financial Planning & Consulting

Your finances are more than numbers on a screen – they represent the security of you and your family. Something so important to your future can only be appropriately handled using a comprehensive, personalized approach. Our financial advisors work with you and your situation to determine your best path forward by understanding and managing your entire financial picture, not merely one aspect here and there.

The benefits of this approach are extraordinary. A holistic view of your finances- including cash flow, investment, and risk management; retirement, educational, and financial goal planning; insurances; and tax optimization- gives you confidence, superior peace of mind, and a financial guide with whom you can truly build a lasting and trusting relationship.

Managing your current finances while planning for the future is a complex and challenging puzzle. Clients that work with a financial advisor experience better outcomes compared to those that are self-directed. 

An Fides Financial financial advisor can help you oversee your financial life in a more comprehensive and blended way, personalized for every phase of your life.

Complimentary financial review available with no obligation.

Investment management + Wealth Preservation

Investment management + Wealth Preservation

As you pursue your goals, you should have your money working for you. Our value-oriented approach and a portfolio developed consistent with your financial goals determine every investment decision we make. By following a disciplined, research-based approach, we help you build diversified portfolios of high-quality, attractively-valued companies that — over the long-term — have the potential to provide positive returns with lower risk.

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